FE04: The Two-, Three- and Four-Part Consort Music by John Coprario, edited by Richard Charteris (2nd edition)

FE04s: Full score: £15.00

FE04p: Complete parts (nine partbooks): £25.00

FE04sp: Full score and complete parts: £35.00

FE04a2s: Score for 2-parts only: £4.00

FE04a2p: Parts for 2-parts only: £5.00

FE04a2sp: Score and Parts for 2-parts only: £7.50

FE04a3s: Score for 3-parts only: £8.00

FE04a3p: Parts for 3-parts only: £14.00

FE04a3sp: Score and Parts for 3-parts only: £20.00

FE04a4s: Score for 4-parts only: £5.00

FE04a4p: Parts for 4-parts only: £8.00

FE4a4sp: Score and Parts for 4-parts only: £11.50